Business Services

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Whether you are running a business, starting, buying or selling one, adding or removing shareholders or partners, or involved in a business dispute, our attorneys are experienced at finding a solution for you. Major areas of service to businesses and their owners include:

! Selecting and creating your business entity, whether a corporation, limited liability company ("LLC"), partnership, proprietorship or joint venture

! Buying or selling corporate stock or business assets, including securing your receivables and enforcing business buy-sell agreements

! Creating non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and otherwise protecting your intellectual property

! Creating and enforcing shareholder and buy-sell agreements among business owners and adding and removing owners

! Negotiating and enforcing commercial leases (including shopping center and mall leases)and litigating lease disputes And otherwise protecting your real property rights

! Negotiation and enforcement of franchise agreements

! Negotiation and documentation of consulting arrangements

! Authorizing your out of state business to operate in Oregon and your Oregon business to operate in other states

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