Family Law

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Being involved in a divorce, custody dispute or paternity action can be an emotionally draining experience. Our attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and obligations in a variety of family law matters. Our services include:

! Representation of spouses in divorce actions, including child custody disputes

! Unmarried couples

! Gay and Lesbian Couples

! Transgender issues

! Divorce cases involving spousal support (alimony)

! Division of marital property, assets and debts

! Divorce cases involving valuation and division of Complex assets, including closely held businesses

! Modification of divorce decrees, including provisions for child custody, visitation, and spousal support

! Enforcement of provisions of a divorce decree

! Prenuptial agreements. Under Oregon law prenuptial agreements are valid and enforceable if properly prepared.

! Cases involving division of pension and retirement accounts. This is a highly technical area of the law, and special expertise is required to protect your rights in your and your spouse's pension and retirement funds
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