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! Actions to establish or dispute paternity of a minor~ child and establish and enforce child support obligations

! Proceedings for legal change of name

Under Oregon law unmarried couples have many legal rights, in many instances similar to the legal rights of married couples. For example, even though the house may be held solely in the name of one domestic partner, both parties to a domestic partnership may have a right to share in the equity in that residence. While it is always preferable for unmarried couples to have a written domestic partnership agreement, unmarried couples often fail to accomplish that. The absence of a domestic partnership agreement, however, does not mean that you may not have significant property rights regarding assets brought into or acquired during the term of your domestic partnership.

Our attorneys have represented many unmarried couples, both in documenting the terms of their domestic partnership agreement in advance, and resolving disputes regarding domestic partnership assets following a break-up. Generally speaking, the rights of domestic partners are the same whether they are a male and female couple or partners in a same-sex relationship.

Oftentimes, disputes between domestic partners are ideal for resolution by mediation or arbitration. When necessary, litigation can be brought to protect or defend your rights to domestic partnership assets.
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