Insurance Claims

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It is often the case that obtaining a full, fair and prompt settlement of your insurance claim - - even from your own insurance company to whom you have faithfully paid premiums - -requires the skill and intervention of an experienced attorney. Sometimes insurance companies will try to avoid their duty to defend and indemnify you if a claim is brought against you, often invoking obscure policy provisions. Experienced legal representation can often assist in promptly resolving these coverage disputes. Claims procedures vary greatly with the type of insurance coverage (commercial general liability, fire, theft and fidelity insurance, homeowners or disability policies, among many others). The attorneys at Woodworth & associates are experienced at analyzing and applying policy provisions, assisting you in complying with your duties when a claim arises, assisting in assembling the necessary documentation of your claim, adjusting a settlement, and, when necessary, suing your insurance company to enforce your policy rights. In most cases, if you have to sue your insurance company to receive the benefits of the policy you paid for, you are entitled by Oregon law to recover your attorney fees. Our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in a wide variety of insurance and claims areas, including:

! Fire loss claims, including loss of business income, temporary expense claims, and the like

! Claims of various sorts under comprehensive general liability policies
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