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! Tendering defense and indemnity of a claim brought against you or your company to your insurance company, and protecting any uninsured or excess exposure you may have

! Claims under your homeowners policy, including storm damage, fire loss and the other major and minor catastrophes that life sometimes brings

! Collection of proceeds of life insurance policies

! Claims on private and group disability policies

! Analysis and resolution of coverage disputes with insurers

! Review and analysis of your insurance coverages to make sure your protections are as complete as possible, and that your insurance limits are adequate

! Assembling necessary documentation and properly presenting your proof of loss to your insurance company

! Documenting your loss and negotiating settlement with the insurers of third parties who have caused you damage

! Litigation to enforce your rights under insurance policies

It is much easier to pay an insurance company your premium dollar than it is to receive back claims payments to which you are entitled. At the first sign of any difficulty in your insurance claim you should contact attorneys who know how to protect your rights. Contact us regarding any questions or problems with insurance claims or coverages.
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