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! Appealing adverse local government decisions to LUBA, the Oregon Court of Appeals and Supreme Court

! Resolving Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance issues, including obtaining hardship or other exemptions or waivers

! Resolving disputes over application of local development and building code ordinances, the uniform building code, and the like

! Assisting in accomplishing required traffic impact, noise, lighting and similar disputes

! Assisting in resolving compliance disputes between city and county officials and your project development team

! Resolving sign code disputes

! Establishing and enforcing your rights to continued "grandfathered" use of non-conforming uses. Did you know that, under Oregon statutes most nonconforming uses in a county (but not necessarily a city are entitled to continued operation, regardless of change of ownership or change of use?

! Protecting your rights if you or your property are subject to enforcement proceedings under a chronic nuisance property ordinance or similar law
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