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Woodworth & Associates represents buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants in commercial and residential property transactions and disputes. Our services and areas of experience include:

! Commercial and multi-unit purchases and sales, including letters of intent, due diligence, phase I, II and III environmental assessments, document preparation and review, title reviews and removing clouds on title, closing through escrow, recordation of deeds and liens

! Residential property purchases and sales, including document preparation and review, title reviews, conventional and alternative financing approaches, land sale contracts

! Foreclosure of security interests, including judicial and non-judicial foreclosure of trust deeds, mortgages and land sale contracts

! Commercial leases, including negotiation, document preparation and review, enforcement of rights and remedies, Rent arbitration and proceedings to fix market rate rent, eviction proceedings

! Defense and prosecution of actions involving misrepresentation in the sale of real property boundary disputes and surveys, negotiation and enforcement of easements, including easements by prescription and necessity trespass claims, including trespass to timbers

! Environmental contamination, including meth lab properties

! Insurance claims including fire loss, business loss, environmental claims and the like
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